The School year is approaching. Are you ready?
You're a New special Ed teacher! YAY!Β 
now what?
I'm Angela Rivas. And my first year teaching special ed suuuuuuucked.


🚫 I had little to zero guidance. People were too into their own work to help me out. 

🚫 My "mentor" was pretty much non-existent.  I think we met once to go over mentoring things only to figure out later on she got reimbursed for a whole year's worth of meetings.

🚫 I didn't have any sort of structure to follow. I had no timeline, organizational system.

🚫 My IEP meetings were awkward and felt unprepared.

Lucky for you, I'm here to help a newbie out! 😊

Who the heck am I? Great question. I like where you're mind's at.Β  A little about me:

βœ… I have 13 years teaching Special Education under my belt

βœ… I have a Masters Degree in Education Technology

βœ… I have experience in Instructional Coaching

βœ… I am Google for EDU Certified

βœ… I have helped a number of special educators from all overΒ 

...and I'm about to make your life a lot easier.

Do you feel like you can use some guidance as you enter your first year of teaching SpEd?
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